Workshop at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá

Between November 22nd and 24th, 2017, the Latin American regional workshop for the project “A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It?” will be held in Bogotá, Colombia. The Workshop is being organized by Alba Avila, Lilia Meza-Montes and Silvina Ponce Dawson. It will take place at Universidad de los Andes immediately after a new edition of the Workshop on Professional Skills for Young Female Scientists and Science Students, following its first edition in Buenos Aires in July 2016.

During the regional Workshop, representatives of the various Unions and groups that are part of the Gender Gap Project will discuss about its three main tasks. In particular, they will work on a critical revision of the Global Survey of Scientists that we expect to launch by March 2018 taking into account the specific characteristics of the region. They will also collect information on initiatives that have been implemented in Latin America to advance the agenda of women scientists and will contribute to establish a list of best practices that could eventually be implemented in the region. Participation is by invitation only.