Gender Gap Project presented at the Joint Mathematics Meeting 2018

The Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM), the largest gathering of mathematicians in the US, organized by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS), held its 2018 edition on Jan 11-13 in San Diego.

Prof. Guadalupe Lozano, an Associate Research Professor of Mathematics and Director of External Relations and Evaluation School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arizona, gave a presentation on the Gender Gap in Science Project on Jan 13. Her talk, “Measuring the Global Gender Gap in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences: Working Frameworks and a Recent Grant-Funded International Initiative,” was well-attended and gathered the interest of the conference’s participants. Prof. Lozano gave an overview of the project, describing the three tasks and their main components. She also spoke about the broader framework of the project, including the the Global Gender Gap Index, the existence of implicit bias in academia, and the ways of handling it in the times of big data.