Virtual Coordination Meeting on October 28 2020

On October 28, 2020 the last coordination meeting for the Gender Gap in Science project was held remotely. The original funding for the project ended in 2019 but after more than three years of fruitful collaboration there was a strong desire from the partners to keep alive the tools they started to develop together.

After exchanging recent news from all participant partners, the program of the meeting included a discussion on the future of our Communication channels (website and social media), the ways to better exploit the data gathered in the Global Survey of Scientists by defining a method to answers Requests for Access from researchers inside and outside the project, the on-going research on Publication patterns, and the improvement and publication of the Database of good practices.

The Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science, a permanent offspring of the Gender Gap in Science project is now officially launched, with its own website and twitter account SCGES (@_SCGES_), which will continue the work initiated within the Gender Gap in Science project.

Stay tuned!